The following people commit significant time and effort to IAΣTA for the benefit of society

Dr. Pablo Molina, Executive Director, is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, where he teaches graduate courses in ethics and technology management, managing information security and Internet governance. He is the CIO at the Association of American Law Schools. He was a technology executive -CIO, AVP and Director- at Southern Connecticut State University, Georgetown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Washington University in Saint Louis, and the Saint Louis Zoological Park. Previously, he created and managed a technology company in Madrid, where he also served as editor in chief of computer magazines, authored several books on technology, and taught information technology at the Escuela de Hacienda Publica. Pablo has a doctorate degree from Georgetown University on the adoption of technology in higher education and an MBA from Saint Louis University. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and a Certified Information Privacy Professional.  He serves on the boards of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Hispanic Technology Council. He was the recipient of the 2006 CIO Magazine Ones to Watch Award and the Standout Achievement Award as Innovator and was recognized in 2007 as one of the Top 40 Under 40 IT Innovators by ComputerWorld. In his tenure at Georgetown University, he has received 14 national awards and 3 University ones, including Outstanding Faculty Member in 2012. In 2013 and 2014, he was recognized as one of HITEC 100.

Antonio García, Board Member, is the Development Business Manager for South America of Light & Energy, Co. and International Business Director for “Eurogestión” Company. For over ten years, he was International Railways Sales Manager for the multinational company, Indra, developing the railways market in Colombia (Metro de Medellín,) Perú (MetroLima) and Saudi Arabia (SRO, Saudi Railways Operator.) Before that, he was responsible for Non-Critical Mission Systems at two automobile factories of Renault and Citroën. Previously, he founded and led a technology company in Valladolid, Spain. He is an expert in Telecommunication Electronics and IT Systems, and has a Master’s degree in International Relations and Affairs from the Sociedad de Estudios Internacionales. He has co-authored several articles and books on technology, and has spoken at numerous international conferences on Technology applied to Railways, Passengers Mass Transport & Traffic Systems, Smart Cities, and Energy Saving Systems.

Ahmed M. Abdi, Intern, was born in 1989 in Abudwaq, central Somalia, Ahmed pursues a liberal studies degree since 2011 from Regis University, which provides a distance learning diploma program for students living in the Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. He did internships at Georgetown University and the International Applied Ethics Association in 2012. He has worked as an interpreter for UNHCR in Kakuma since 2010. Prior to his arrival in Kenya, he finished high school in Abudwaq, after completing his primary education in Mogadishu.

Agnes Ewaton, Intern, was born in 1985 in Kitale, Kenya, Agnes pursues a liberal studies degree since 2011 from Regis University, which provides a distance learning diploma program for students living in the Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. She did internships at Georgetown University and the International Applied Ethics Association in 2012. She finished high school in 2005 in Kitale.

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On Artificial Intelligence and ethics

We have created a Frankenstein monster because most of us do not understand Artificial Intelligence. «Hemos creado un monstruo de Frankenstein porque, salvo en el caso de expertos, la complejidad de los algoritmos y de los sistemas de toma de decisiones automática es tal que sólo algunos expertos pueden comprenderlo», explica Pablo Molina, profesor de Ética y Tecnología de la Universidad de Georgetown. Como recalca Molina, «al crear los programas, existe el riesgo de que las personas trasladen sus prejuicios a las maquinas».

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