Doing IT Right in Switzerland

Today is Dr. P’s first day of a Fulbright grant visiting with Dr. Philippe Coudre-Mauroux at the University of Fribourg, Department of Informatics, Exascale Infolab. Dr. P’s first open-to-the-public lecture on Ethics and Technology will be on March 3 at 4 pm. Doing IT Right. Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, YouTube, Equifax, the US Office of Personnel Management, fake news, ransomware… a faulty moral compass for technology decisions costs organizations much money and reputation. Join Dr. Pablo Molina in exploring important ethical issues when using information technology personally and professionally, including codes of conduct, privacy, security, intellectual property, governance, inclusiveness, diversity, and laws and regulations. We must think critically to reflect on what emerging technologies like drones, driverless cars, the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence mean to humanity.

On Artificial Intelligence and ethics

We have created a Frankenstein monster because most of us do not understand Artificial Intelligence. «Hemos creado un monstruo de Frankenstein porque, salvo en el caso de expertos, la complejidad de los algoritmos y de los sistemas de toma de decisiones automática es tal que sólo algunos expertos pueden comprenderlo», explica Pablo Molina, profesor de Ética y Tecnología de la Universidad de Georgetown. Como recalca Molina, «al crear los programas, existe el riesgo de que las personas trasladen sus prejuicios a las maquinas».